Traversing tipper

The traversing tipper is a great way to tip your waste bins or containers into larger waste skips. As the name suggests the traversing tipper traverses along the waste skip allowing an even and economic fill.

The traversing tipper has a number of options in terms of power, including manual push systems where the operator manual pushes the tipping system along a track, integrated winch systems where an opertor is able to winch the tipper left to right or finally there is the option to operate the traversing tipper left and right via button or remote control.

Safety is paramount at Keljay which is why this unit is complete with fully interlocked personnell safety enclosure, E-stops and multiple safety relays within its controls.

Keljay can build bespoke tipping cradles to suit your existing waste bins.

Optional Extras

  • Manually driven system
  • Winch driven system
  • Electrically driven system


Motor (kW) 5 & 1.1 Power (V/Hz) 400
Current 25A Lifting capacity 500 & 1000kg models available
Operating pressure 1500 PSI Gross weight Subject to final specification


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